St. Lawrence Preschool Mission Statement

St. Lawrence Preschool is an established Catholic preschool whose purpose is to provide a nurturing and relevant setting conducive to learning which allows each child to reach his/her full potential as a Christian person. We serve traditional and non-traditional families of all faiths and backgrounds.

We teach to develop the “whole” child strategies and basic skills he/she needs to function as a viable member of society. A solid foundation in faith is present while Christian values are visibly practiced in the community. Cooperation and openness to change are apparent among the staff and teachers. Parents are encouraged to be thoroughly involved in the education of their children.

St. Lawrence Preschool Philosophy

The goal of the St. Lawrence Preschool is to provide a nurturing atmosphere that will stimulate Christian attitudes and values. The overall development of a child is encouraged through hands-on experiences that challenge and stimulate creativity, thinking, learning, and social interaction in an age appropriate manner


Please bring the following items to registration:

$50 per child pre-registration fee (non-refundable unless we have no space)
Original birth certificate from the state in which the child was born
Baptismal Record (This may be obtained by calling the church where your child was baptized.
           If your child was baptized at St. Lawrence, St. Denis, or St. Helen, we will
           not need a certificate.)
Student’s social security number
Current Immunization Record

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