COVID 19 UPDATE May 17, 2021:

Pursuant to the directive from Archbishop Kurtz on Monday, May 17, our Masses here at St. Lawrence will NOT require VACCINATED PEOPLE to be MASKED.  Masks are still required if you have not been fully vaccinated.  Masks are also strongly encouraged if you are immune-compromised or want the extra protection that a mask brings.  Social distancing is still in place: at least 3 feet between those who do not live in the same house.

I highly encourage all of our people, ages 12 and above to get vaccinated for their own safety as well as the overall safety of the community.  The state mandate for ALL SCHOOL PERSONNEL and STUDENTS to be MASKED has not changed.   

Along with worship, other parish meetings, including our regular office staff (all of whom are fully vaccinated) now follow the same guidelines:  If FULLY VACCINATED a mask is NOT required.  If NOT VACCINATED, you still must wear a mask before entering any of our parish facilities.  We will be starting Bereavement meals after funerals with the same guidelines.

I realize that this will change the comfort level of some of our parishioners. We will continue to Livestream the Sunday Mass for those who are not here in person.  Also, even if fully vaccinated, you still may choose to wear a mask.  I am relying upon our basic moral precept that says we should care for each other as we care for ourselves.  Please continue to mask if you have not been vaccinated (this includes young people as well).

Fr. Bill