Worship Committee

The Worship Committee creates the core experience of why we exist in the first place; Sacramental Life. This committee is responsible for all aspects of worship; overseeing everything from the Tabernacle candle to altar cloths to making sure ministers are trained and in place to employ a seamless and deeply meaningful Sacramental experience. Meeting are held as needed. Contact the Director of Worship for more information.

Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Karen Kuenzig
  • Pastor: Fr. Bill Burks
  • Deacon: David Maxwell
  • Music Minister: Karen Kuenzig
  • Art & Environment: Andrea Mulhall
  • Eucharistic Ministers-ADULT: Charlotte McClamroch
  • Eucharistic Ministers-Youth: Charlotte McClamroch
  • Gift Bearer: Helen Kendall
  • Hospitality: Barbara Brewer
  • Lectors-ADULT:  Mary Jansen
  • Lectors-YOUTH: Mary Jansen
  • Sacristans: Marilyn McNeill
  • Servers:  David Maxwell
  • Ushers:  Tim Rasche